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When should I book my newborn session?

The earlier the better! Seriously. I only have a couple spots open each month for newborns and they do fill fast.  It’s not uncommon for clients to schedule their sessions up to 6 months in advance. So basically, if you’re pregnant….IT’S TIME TO BOOK!

Due dates are estimates. How do we set a date?

Once your session is booked, I allow a timeframe on my calendar for your baby. I ask that you keep in touch with me as you approach your due date and that you keep me updated on any changes during your pregnancy. If you’re having a scheduled induced labor or caesarean section let me know and we can then go ahead and set your date. If not, just let me know when your bundle of joy arrives and we will then schedule your session. Keep in mind that newborns are best photographed within the first 14 days of life.  I prefer days 6-10. After this time frame, babies become less sleepy and less moldable so, you may not get some of the shots you want. Baby acne and colic also can be an issue after that time frame too.

How long do newborn sessions last?

A typical newborn session can last anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the baby. This allows for plenty of time for extra feedings, burping and soothing.

Where does the session take place?

We are located in the Fulshear Professional Plaza building in downtown Fulshear. Our address is 8045 FM 359, Suite 206, Fulshear, Texas 77441.

What should my baby wear?

I prefer them in their birthday suits. I will provide any props, wraps, hats, etc… for the session. I do ask that you dress baby in something loose and easy to remove so we don’t disturb him/her too much while undressing. Keep their diaper loose and please, NO socks. Of course, if there are any special props you would like to bring (special blanket, a hat you bought of Etsy, a blanket grandma knitted, etc…) bring it! I will try my best to incorporate it in to our session.

You photograph my baby naked!? What about messes?

You know the saying: it happens. Your baby is not the first and won’t be the last to make a mess on my beautiful white backdrop (it’s always the white one!). Do not be embarrassed or alarmed. We clean up and move on. I have plenty of wipes and hand sanitzer on hand.

My doctor recommends everyone who comes in contact with my baby receive a Pertussis shot…is this a problem?

No. I am current on all vaccines; Pertussis included.

What will I be doing?

Nothing. This is your chance to relax. Bring a book, a gossipy magazine, an IPad, catch up on emails or take a nap on my couch. Besides feeding, I will handle the rest. Of course, if you’re bottle feeding then I can even do that. If you are taking a baby/parent shot, I do recommend wearing something neutral- a solid black or white shirt or blouse works great. If you want to stay in the studio room with us, dress comfortably and lightly- its hot in here!

Can I bring mom, mom in law and my sister?

My studio is very small. If possible, I prefer to keep it just us. It is very important to maintain a quiet and calm atmosphere. Baby must be asleep for the majority of the posing therefore keeping noise and distractions down is a priority. Siblings are welcome the last 30 minutes of the shoot for their sibling session.

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