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Rachel Vanoven: Family Eworkshop | A Review

So I just finished downloading Rachel Vanoven‘s new Family E workshop & guys….  WHOA there’s A LOT of info in there.

Just the workbook alone is over 60 pages! And its jammed packed with info. Everything from basic camera info (aperture, shooting manual, using your camera’s light meter) to backlighting and what to look for in locations. The workflow section is awesome! This is the biggest struggle of many photographers- finding a posing groove. She’s got it down! I mentored with Rachel 2ish years ago and can honestly say that I was floored by her workflow and editing. Here  I was struggling to pump out 20 images in a 4 hour shoot and she was pumping out 100 images in 1-1 1/2 hours. I saw this first hand! The secret? Workflow! Getting your workflow down helps sooooo much. I’m still not pumping out 100+ images but, my sessions and my editing  move along so much smoother.  Not only does this workbook cover workflow and posing, she even dives into the business side of things: pricing, IPS, marketing, client communication, you know….the fun stuff. [insert eye roll emoji] Seriously, this is an all inclusive workbook that touches on a bit of everything!

Now, the videos…..
she’s got a bunch of videos of her in action. She works with families of all sizes- 4, 6, one with a teenager….theres a couple more but, I honestly haven’t seen them all because they are large and my computer is still downloading some of them. The ones I’ve seen are great though! There’s even a maternity one- great info!!! AND…importantly….they are not boring! She’s so not boring in real life so , I didn’t expect them to be but, you never know. Rest assured, she’s pretty entertaining and funny a lot of the time.

No review is complete without touching on price point…. and whoa!!! I wasn’t sure of the price since I was able to download this for free (perk of being a workshop attendee & Rachel if you read this……super cool of you to offer upgrades to us! Thanks! ) and I was surprised to see it was only $450!  TEN videos, a workbook with hella info in it AND editing ! It’s definitely a great value! Worth every penny!

Where to get it: Rachel’s Website

More info: Facebook Post about It

& because no post is complete without a pic….here I am with Rachel. I think she was warming my hands in that last one. She has big hands.

vanoven eworkshop review

Thanks Rachel for being so generous with your knowledge! Your eworkshop is awesome- so thorough and well put together. I’m anxious to watch the remaining videos!


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